James Worsham is a singer-songwriter & audio/mixing engineer from Plano, Texas - now residing in Macon, Georgia.

Too Far Gone EP - Announcements!


I'm finally releasing some music!

My debut EP, Too Far Gone, will be done really soon and I'm really excited about it. The new release date is 12/1/17!

In the meantime, here's a quick update on where things are...


Too Far Gone EP COVER.jpg
  • The EP will have 3 original songs.
  • I'm releasing each song as a single first, followed by the full EP on 12/1/17.
  • Each single (and the complete EP) will be released worldwide on every major music streaming service, including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, and more.

    (I'm considering pressing some physical copies to sell if/when I play shows, but I'll wait to see how many of you actually want one first. If that's you, let me know!)




  • Stream my music on your favorite music streaming service. While music streaming doesn't make artists much money, I own 100% of the rights to my music, so every stream helps! Put my songs on a playlist, and listen as often as you can. Not only does every stream generate some income for me, but it helps me rank higher on music charts, which helps more people hear my music.

    TIP: Play my album on repeat and leave it playing all night while you sleep! You can turn your speakers off so you don't even have to hear it.
  • Share my music on your social media pages. Every share exposes me to new folks that may not know me or my music, and if you enjoy what I'm creating, I would appreciate the chance to gain some new listeners.
  • Buy the album! :) While music isn't my full-time job, I would love for it to become a reliable source of supplemental income. I didn't do a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the costs of recording, which means I self-funded the entire project. By purchasing the album directly from me, you're helping me continue to write and record my music. If paying for music isn't in your budget, I would still be honored if you would download my music for free! Visit my Noisetrade page to get all of my music for free.
  • Leave 5-star reviews. It's really, REALLY hard to get your music noticed because there's so much out there, so if you enjoy what I'm doing (or like lying), please leave me positive reviews on your favorite music service. It helps me get noticed, move up the ranks, and might encourage someone to check me out that otherwise wouldn't bother.