Appearance on Episode 3 of "Macon Music with Amyre Makupson & Steve Moretti"

A couple of months ago, Amyre Makupson (Mercer news/13WMAZ) e-mailed and asked if I’d be interested in being interviewed/performing for her new TV show, and we shot it a few weeks later. The show was created by Amyre & Steve Moretti (Macon Pops) in an effort to highlight some of Macon’s local songwriters. It was a really cool experience for me, so be sure to check out my episode, as well as all the others coming out!

June/July/August Updates

Hey friends,

Just wanted to post another short update for those wondering what I've been up to!

Lots of new live/acoustic videos up! - I've setup a spot in my basement to record some videos of both my original songs, as well as some of the covers I do when I play shows. I'm planning on knocking out as many of these as I can before giving my basement walls a much needed fresh coat of paint, so enjoy the mustard yellow walls while you can!

In the Studio... - So, I've had issues with my studio computer for the entire year I've lived in Georgia, but I had a stroke of luck recently and it fired up. That means I can record some music until it crashes again! While I'm still working on writing some new music, I've been anxious to record a cover of my favorite Allman Brothers Band song "Whipping Post", and I actually came up with my own arrangement a few months ago, so that's what I've been working on - and I couldn't be happier with how it's turned out so far. I'm waiting on the bass tracks from my talented friend back in Texas, and after that, I can lay down some vocals and send it off for mastering! Be on the lookout for this song soon, and make sure you follow me on Spotify/Apple Music!

Booking Shows - I'm looking to start booking more shows, so if you're interested in booking me, please contact me!

Keep Streaming my EP! - Thanks so much to everyone that has been streaming "Too Far Gone" EP, and please keep it up! Every stream helps me continue to make my own music, and helps keep my listener count up. Artists simply don't make much money anymore from recorded music, so if you enjoy what I'm doing, keep streaming & please consider purchasing the songs! It's only $3 and you can listen to them as many times as you want for the rest of your life!

Thank you all for supporting me! It means the world.


Hey friends,

Hope you're all doing well. I wanted to write a quick update on what I've been up to for those who are interested in my music!

1. WEBSITE - I just finished giving my website some much needed attention, and hopefully you like it. I tried to make it as simple & easy to navigate as possible. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

2. NEW SHOW BOOKED - I just booked another show for July 6th @ The Society Garden in my new hometown of Macon, Georgia. I turn 32 on July 3rd, so if you want to get me something for my birthday, come celebrate with me that night. Society Garden is my favorite spot in Macon, and I'm extremely grateful to be playing there again. See you there!

3. NEW LIVE VIDEOS - I'm going to be recording some live acoustic videos in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout for those.

4. NEW MUSIC - It's hard to find time to do all the things I want to do with all I have going on right now, but I've been writing new music any chance I get. I've finished up two brand new songs, and have several others that I've made some good progress on. I'm still figuring out how I'm going to release this next batch, but I'm excited about what I've got so far.

5. BOOKING - I'm looking to start booking more shows, both locally and possibly further out, depending on the details. If you know of any venues near you and want to see me perform, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for the support. Please keep streaming my album on your favorite streaming platform, and if you enjoy my music, I'd love for you to purchase the songs from my online store. The money goes directly to me, and helps me continue to invest in things like recording equipment, strings, cables, microphones, etc.